Zune Marketplace Music

What is Zune Marketplace Music?

Zune Marketplace is an online media service provided by Microsoft. One portion of this online digital media store provides music purchases and downloads.

Zune Marketplace has since been replaced by Microsoft's XBox Marketplace.

Is Zune Marketplace Music Legal?

Yes, Zune Marketplace is a legal online music service. Pricing generally matches iTunes music pricing.

Is Zune Marketplace Music Appropriate For Children?

Like any online music service, Zune Marketplace has a variety of music across all genres. Parents need to know that there are many explicit songs and albums available on Zune Marketplace, and that there are no existing parental controls for the site.

Additionally, just as with walking into a record store, some album covers on Zune Marketplace may feature explicit sexual and violent content, which may be another concern for parents.