What is Xanga?

Xanga is a social blogging site, similar to Blogger. It lets bloggers write, as well as post pictures, audio, or video.1 Xanga is considered a "social" blogging site because many of its features are similar to social networking features (it lets you join communities and create friends lists). 2

Xanga 2.0

In September 2013, a new, very different version of Xanga replaced the old site because the company ran out of money.  The biggest change is that bloggers must pay an annual subscription fee of $48.  It is still free to browse existing blogs.  It is unclear how much longer Xanga will exist.

Safety Features

Xanga offers the following safety features:

  • Flagging: This feature allows users to flag sites that violate Xanga's terms of use. Xanga will look at these sites and evaluate the material. If necessary Xanga will also report these sites to the appropriate authorities.
  • Ratings and Safebrowse: This allows users to rate content. Users may also choose to only see certain content ratings.
  • Xanga Footprints: This feature allows users to see the user names of people viewing their sites. If the person visiting is not a member, it will show their country or state instead.
  • Xanga Locks: This feature sets restrictions on who can visit a user's Xanga site. There are three lock options. You can choose to let only signed in members see your account. The second option is to only let those that display footprints see your account. The third option only lets your friends see your account.
  • Protected Posting: This feature allows you to only let selected members see your posts.
  • User Blocking: This feature allows you to block certain people from commenting or subscribing to your Xanga site.
  • Report Inappropriate Content

Concerns for Parents

  • Most of the time a blog is available for everyone to see; you can't always control who is viewing your site.
  • Often times children may be a little too open about the information they are writing online; they could be over-sharing.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • If you do not approve of the content of this site block it using an filter.
  • If your child wants a blog, check out kid-friendly sites such as ZooBlogs.
  • Familiarize yourself with the safety features (listed above) and use the privacy tools you feel comfortable with.