X3 Watch

What is X3Watch?

X3Watch is computer software that "records questionable websites that you visit and reports them to your accountability partners." 1 There is a free version available, or a more advanced "pro" version that requires a subscription.


  • Runs in the background to record any questionable sites that are visited on the computer
  • Sends a report email to the chosen "accountability partner"
    • The accountability partner can be someone such as a trusted friend, parents, or spouse
  • The accountability partner knows of any questionable sites visited, thus making the user accountable to them for internet usage

Where can I Learn More?

  • In one user's review, he points out that while better than nothing, X3Watch does have some weaknesses. First, the reports only contain links to the sites and offer no description. This means that you expose yourself to pornography when checking up on your partner. Second, the tagging method for questionable sites seems unreliable. Third, a tech savvy person could probably circumvent the software.