Words With Friends

What is Words With Friends?

Words With Friends is one of the most popular word game apps available. Based on the game Scrabble (with some slight variations), players take turns creating words with randomly assigned letter tiles to get points. 1 The game is prized for its simple and streamlined gameplay that allows friends to play with each other online without delays. 2 To keep players entertained during a friends move, Words With Friends lets numerous games be played at the same time. 3

What Are the Benefits?

This popular app provides interactive fun. Users get to play against friends while also expanding their vocabulary.

Concerns for Parents

  • Word With Friends has a chat feature allowing conversations with friends, but also with the randomly selected opponents.
  • The free version of the game has ads.
  • Addiction may be a concern.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe


  • Talk to your child about appropriate privacy precautions. The app does not display personal information but the player may willingly share it through the chat feature.
  • The gameplay and chat features may bring in some inappropriate content for your child's viewing - through known or random opponents. Avoid accepting games with unknown opponents and have the courage to end games with people who are bringing inappropriate content into gameplay.