The Whitest Kids U' Know

Who Are The Whitest Kids U’ Know?

The Whitest Kids U’ Know (WKUK) is a sketch comedy group that has a television program as well as an extensive YouTube channel with hundreds of video recordings of their skits. Robert Seidman wrote a post about the WKUK troupe in the Network TV Press Releases describing their performances as “sardonic cracks on politics, gender, suburbia, and sex while featuring some of their most creative, hilarious, and often shocking material to date.” Nevertheless, as popular as it has become, much of the group's work alienates others. Their type of humor does not appeal to many. As the San Francisco Chronicle reviewed, ‘WKUK wallows frequently in potty-mouth humor and somehow makes it seem almost sophisticated.’” 1. However, with numerous videos and millions of online views, the “web legend,” has a rapidly growing support group, audience, and influence. 2


The skits by WKUK contain a disturbing amount of material generally considered inappropriate, offensive, crude, and wholly unsuitable for a child audience. Of their most popular videos, there is the Grapist (a pun that directly refer to rapists), Classroom Skit (which has references to suicide, violence and accidents and portrays vandalism, shoplifting, racism, foul language, and substance abuse), Nail Gun and Cubicle Boss (direct, graphic sexual language), Call of Duty and Abe Lincoln (frequent use of extremely strong language), and Sniper Business (set in an assassination scene containing gory images, strong language, and shooting).


While some videos by WKUK may not be offensive, the titles provide no clue to what the viral videos actually contain (for instance, Nail Gun is actually a sexual metaphor). You can use the computer with your child to prevent them from browsing through WKUK’s videos, as they will quickly encounter mature content. If this is impractical, it is possible to block YouTube on the browser settings.