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What is WhatsWhat?

WhatsWhat is a social networking site designed specifically for and restricted to users ages 7-13. The site is made to create a safe platform for kids to explore social networking and online activity. The site has extensive safety features to keep children safe, which include1:

  • A photo recognition login, ensuring secure and safe login each and every time using a webcam and the site's 'MeKey' technology. 'MeKey' is able to recognize facial features to ensure identity when logging on.
  • A ReportIt! button that allows kids to immediately report any inappropriate material or behavior.
  • Site moderators who keep the site safe and appropriate.
  • Post approvals that prevent inappropriate or threatening material on others before becoming permanency posted.
  • A site age restriction, as well as a restriction on adding friends based on grade. A parent must approve any friend request from a child more than one grade above or below their child's grade
  • A strict registration process that requires a credit card validation (for confirmation purposes only, the site is free) as well as a mandatory anti-bullying policy and site rules agreement.

WhatsWhat was created by Vincent Cannistraro, who wanted a safe and secure place for his children to navigate the web and its counterparts such as social networking. Cannistraro then recruited other dedicated parents to help him create WhatsWhat.

Concerns for Parents

  • The site is very protected and has many great security measure that make it safe for children. However, parents should always monitor their children's online behavior to ensure they are acting appropriately and not sharing any private or inappropriate information.