What is Pikluk?

What is Pikluk?

Pikluk is a web browser designed for young children that is controlled and monitored by parents. It is easy to download and install on any computer running Windows XP or higher. Parents can sign up for a Pikluk account and receive their own parent dashboard that they can access from any computer connected to the Internet. Through the dashboard, parents choose what websites their children can visit when using the Pikluk browser. The browser has a kiosk mode that keeps children from accessing other applications when it is running. This prevents children from simply closing the Pikluk browser and then opening a different browser.

The Pikluk browser has an email system integrated into it that allows parents to create email accounts for their children. Parents can restrict who their children correspond with through these accounts. Parents can also monitor their children's emails through the parent dashboard to verify that their children are not sending or receiving anything inappropriate.

Parents can test Pikluk out for free by downloading the browser and signing up for a free account. The free account limits the number of websites parents can allow their children to access and the number of email accounts parents can create. If parents do not want to be bound by these limits, they can pay $19.99 a year for a premium account or sign up for a lifetime membership for $29.99.

Pikluk is designed for younger children. It is very child-friendly and easy to use. It provides parents with a sure way to give their children a safe Internet experience.

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