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Classic signs of addiction

The signs of addiction vary between children and adults, but overall there are 5 main symptoms to look for regarding addiction.

  1. You feel really happy when you're online or when you're playing games, but as soon as you have to stop, you get angry or upset.
  2. You think about going online or playing when you are supposed to be focusing on other things, like doing school work or having dinner with your family.
  3. You spend more time with your keyboard or controller than physically hanging out with your friends.
  4. Your friends or parents ask what you spend all your time doing, and you lie about it or laugh it off, but inside you know they may have a point.
  5. You get up in the middle of the night to check your e-mail or your MySpace comments because you're having a hard time sleeping.

Most addicting types of games

According to video game addictions . org the main type of addictive game is an MMORPG, or Multi Massive Online Role Playing Game. The origin of this game is called Everquest. It was created in 1999 and is nicknamed "Never-Rest" due to the fact that the game does not ever end. The quests just continue on and on and since there is no end to the game, it is easier to become addicted.

"There is no "winning" the game. There is no ultimate goal. Reaching the highest level in the game requires hundreds of hours of playing time, and right when a certain character level has reached its max, the game changes! Many players use multiple characters, trying on different roles and weapons."

A modern version of Everquest is called "World of Warcraft" (WOW) is often called "World of Warcrack" in reference to its addictiveness.

Factors to make games addictive

  • The High ScoreWhether you've tried out the latest edition of Grand Theft Auto or haven't played a video game since PacMan, the high score is one of the most easily recognizable hooks. Trying to beat the high score (even if the player is trying to beat his own score) can keep a player playing for hours.
  • Beating the GameThis "hook" isn't used in online role-playing games, but is found in nearly every gaming system. The desire to beat the game is fed as a player "levels up," or finds the next hidden clue.
  • Role-PlayingRole-playing games allow players to do more than just play - they get to actually create the characters in the game and embark on an adventure that's somewhat unique to that character. Consequently, there's an emotional attachment to the character, and the story makes it much harder to stop playing.
  • DiscoveryThe exploration or discovery tactic is most often used in role-playing games. One of the most popular online games currently is World of Warcraft, and a good portion of the game is spent exploring imaginary worlds. This thrill of discovery (even of places that don't really exist) can be extremely compelling.
  • RelationshipsAgain, this is primarily an online "hook." Online role-playing games allow people to build relationships with other players. For some kids, this online community becomes the place where they're most accepted, which draws them back again and again.