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There, I Fixed It

What is There, I Fixed It?

There, I Fixed It (also known as Kludges) is a humor website and blog on the Cheezburger Network. On the site, users can submit pictures of funny repair jobs. The funniest ones are chosen to be posted to the site, and then users can vote for the funniest ones on the site.

Concerns for Parents

  • The site is a touch mean-spirited in nature, since its point is to mock "redneck" repairs. However, most of the posts seem to be submitted by the repairers, and most would consider the site to be all in good fun rather than viciousness targeted at a specific race or social group.
  • None of the pictures we reviewed were offensive, but some of the titles and user comments were mildly suggestive.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • Review the site for yourself and see if it fits your family's standards
  • If you object to the content on this site block it using an internet filter.

Where Can I Learn More?

Here's a blurb about the site from Wired.