Texts From Last Night

What is Texts From Last Night?


Texts From Last Night is a user updated microblog similar to FMyLife and MyLifeIsAverage. Users post humorous and sometimes scandalous texts they’ve received, sent, or conversations that they have had. The texts are posted anonymously with the area code only. You can search for texts by area code or look through them based on the time they were submitted. You can share any text that you want on other social media sites. This site is for entertainment purposes. You can also purchase t-shirts from this site with a text of their choice on it.


Texts From Last Night was started in February of 2009 by two friends, Lauren Leto and Ben Bator, and at the time was mainly just a blog for their friends. By April, they had created the website you see today (with slight cosmetic changes at the beginning of 2010) and opened it up to everyone. Since its founding, it has gained great popularity, especially among the high school and college communities. Leto and Bator sort through thousands of entries each day and pick only certain texts to appear on the website. Within one week of its public opening, it had 1 million hits. Since then, the creators have put together a book with the same title as the website. Many of the texts found in the book have not been previously published on the website. There is also recent news of a Fox televison show based around Texts From Last Night. The shows writer, Steve Holland, said "The show is about twentysomethings in that post-college, pre-the-rest-of-their-lives limbo trying to figure out what to do, and texting is a large part of that."

Concerns for Parents

  • A great majority of the texts are similar to drunken calls and therefore may include crude language and inappropriate material.
  • It is easily accessible through mobile applications and the Internet.
  • It is a popular website and your teenager may post sensitive information or overshare.
  • It is easy to waste time reading through lists of texts. The format of the website encourages you to stay on the website.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • Determine if you think the material shown is appropriate for your child. If you are afraid that the content of the website is too vulgar or crude for your teenager, block the website or use a filter.
  • Set a time limit for your teenager. Set up time restrictions if you do not want your teenager spending an excessive amount of time on it. This can easily be done through your computers parental controls. You can also double check that your child is upholding this rule with your Internets history.

Where Can I Learn More?

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