The Social Network

What is The Social Network?

The Social Network is a film that was produced in 2010 about the social networking site Facebook, based on the book Accidental Billionaires. The Social Network gained popularity quickly and was nominated for many awards.

One review stated the movie was "a study of one man, what drives him and what success can do to you." 1 The New York Times said "Although the names have remained the same, The Social Network is less of a biopic of the real Mr. Zuckerberg than a gloss on the boot-up, log-on, plug-in generation."2 Time Magazine called the movie "a pie in Zuckerberg's face" for its portrayal of Zuckerberg as a social outcast.3 Rolling Stone said The Social Network is "about the nation of narcissists we've become, reshaping who we are on Facebook in the hope of being friended by other users who may or may not be lying" in addition to being about Zuckerberg and the site's history. 4

Real-Life Reactions

During an interview, Mark Zuckerberg was asked what he thought about the movie. Zuckerberg found it humorous that the movie begins with a girlfriend breaking up with him, which is portrayed to be one of his primary motives for creating Facebook. Zuckerberg states that this never happened, and was currently dating the same girl he had been dating before he started the site. He also alluded that there were a handful of other mistakes in the movie. Even though Zuckerberg debunks part of the film, some of his statements have been proved false. 5

The Winklevoss Twins (who claim Facebook was originally their idea) found the film "entertaining," even though it "tried to tell three different sides of a story." 6

Eduardo Saverin (another former friend of Zuckerberg's) stated he hoped the movie's fictional description of the past would encourage others to create their own business. 7

Concerns for Parents

  • The characters in the movie don't always make the most ethical decisions.
  • Before creating Facebook, Zuckerberg creates a program that rates women on levels of attractiveness.
  • There are many sexual references.
  • Characters use drugs and alcohol.
  • There is swearing in the movie.
  • There has been much discussion over how accurate this movie is to real life. Make sure your child is aware that this movie is not completely accurate.