Social Media Sobriety Test

What is Social Media Sobriety Test?

Available as a free, downloadable app or add-on, Social Media Sobriety offers simple tests to see if users are sober enough to text, tweet, or post on Facebook or other social media. Powered by Webroot, a security company, the app is aimed to prevent users from having embarrassing encounters with social media due to intoxication. 1 To use the test, one sets a timer for the app to start. When logging on to social media sites, a test similar to a sobriety test from a police officer—like typing the alphabet backwards or following a circle with the mouse—will appear on the screen. If the person passes, he or she is free to post away.

A few people have reported failing the simple tests in a sober state, which may suggest that the app even protects users against the number one cause for reckless and careless social media acts—lack of common sense.2

Concerns for Parents

  • One must be 17 or older to download the app, but this age limit is simple for children and teens to get around. It also does not protect younger kids from using the app.
  • There are frequent references to alcohol and drug use.
  • The app is often connected to sites like Texts from Last Night, which often include crude and offensive language.

How can I protect my child?

  • Be aware of what your children are downloading, and talk about it with them.
  • Keep the conversation lines open between you and your children, and do not jump to conclusions about their activities or intentions.