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What is Skid-e-kids?

Skid-e-kids is a safe social networking website for children with a focus on education, fun, and friends. 1 Created for children between the ages of 4 and 14, Skid-e-kids provides an alternative to Facebook for precautious parents. 2 A child’s account must be approved through a parent’s Facebook account. 3

Skid-e-kids is an acronym for Super Kids In Development Enjoying Kindled Interest Driving Success. It has the objective of providing a positive, educational relationship with networking technology within the safety perimeters of parental consent and supervision. As the co-founder Brandon Mychals stated, a key goal of the site is to “improve the quality of life between the parent and the child.” 4

Concerns for Parents

Most concerns regarding social networking sites are not an issue with Skid-e-kids. Moderators insure that there is no objectionable content and that the users act in suitable ways. 5 Additionally, parents themselves have full control over their child’s account, and are able to view it at any time.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

Despite the numerous safety precautions, it is always best to know personally what your child does on the Internet. Consider keeping the computer in an open room and monitoring a child as he or she surfs online. Talk to your child about what to do in situations where inappropriate content or activity arises.