Setting up OpenDNS - Apple Router

How To Set Up OpenDNS on an Apple Router

This tutorial will teach you how to set up OpenDNS on an Apple Router. The version of OS X used for this tutorial is 10.6.6, and the hardware is a 500GB Apple Time Machine, but all versions of OS X and similar hardware should be roughly the same.

Before starting, you will need to set up your free OpenDNS account. Create a new network as instructed on the website and set your filtering options.

1. Open Airport Utility - The easiest way to do this is search for it in Spotlight.

2. Select your device from the list on the left.

3. Type in your password. To keep it secure from children, etc., be sure to use a secure password and do not have OS X store it in your keychain—keep the checkbox unchecked.

4. Select the "Internet" tab on the top with a globe icon.

5. Select the "TCP/IP" tab.

6. Replace addresses with the two IP Addresses found in the bottom right hand corner of 1

7. Click Update.