Saavi accountability

What is saavi accountability?

Saavi accountability is an online accountability program that is designed to help monitor all Internet activity. It was developed by Justen Wack to help users with internet related addictions actively monitor and control their web use. The product costs nine dollars a month, which allows the software to be installed on four computers, with no penalties or restrictions on length of subscription. 1 Saavi does not block any websites; it monitors time and location of Internet use. It is designed to deal with the user's potentially harmful Internet activity by using an accountability partner (or parent) to help monitor web use thereby emphasizing choice over force. 2


Saavi Accountability 3:

  • Gives instant notifications of Internet activity by email
  • Provides customizable accountability standards
  • Works with children and adults of all ages
  • Is available for Mac and Windows
  • Removes online anonymity
  • Free professional advice from therapists

You can get a free trial for a month if you would like to try it out.


PCmag - 1 1/2 out of 5 - 30 out of 100 4

The product does monitor and notify about activity, but creates some problem in Windows. Also, the product can be circumvented by a proxy and other means. It does not always notify if uninstalled, and the monitor can be turned off without any notification. It lacks organization and lacks a professional website. Overall, it is "hard to use" and "amateurish." 5 There are other products out there that operate better.

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