What is Rickrolling?

Rickrolling, one of the biggest Internet memes of all time, is a goofy, harmless-but-irritating Internet prank. On an ordinary website, clicking on a hyperlink will take you to another website or another part of the same website. Most web authors aren't trying to trick their users, so when you click a link you know where you're going to end up. For example, if you click on the link below you would expect to be taken to a page explaining more about the Internet Safety Project. You probably wouldn't expect to be taken to a video of British 80s star Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up." That's the joke. Rickrollers put links to this video on their site in unexpected places, and unwary readers end up at Astley's video.

Check it out below! One of these links will leave you rickrolled.

Read more about the Internet Safety Wiki by clicking here.

Read more about the Internet Safety Wiki by clicking here.

As time has passed, this meme has mostly died out.  If you're still worried about being rickrolled though, most browsers will show you the address of any link if you hover your mouse over it.  If it's a video hosting site (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) and it shouldn't be, whoever posted the link is probably trying to prank you.

Concerns for Parents

Rick Astley's video does not contain any objectionable material, so rickrolling is rather harmless. The only damage this prank can do is injure your pride.

Where Can I Learn More?

Watch this CNN news clip explaining Nancy Pelosi's rickrolled YouTube video.