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What is PostSecret?

PostSecret is an ongoing collection of homemade postcards that contain secrets from the anonymous creators. It was started in 2004 by Frank Warren, who receives the anonymous art projects in his home mailbox in Maryland 1 The secrets on the postcards range in subject, image and tone. Some touch on the depths of humanity, while others are simply humorous. Warren has compiled the postcards into museum exhibits, books, and regularly posts them on the PostSecret blog. A PostSecret app was launched through the Apple store, but was shut down in January of 2012 because it was difficult to censor the pornographic and explicit content, while still maintaining the contributor's anonymity 2

Concerns for Parents

The content of some of the secrets is adult in nature and deals with sexual, violent, and sometimes disturbing topics. Nudity is also present in some of the postcards. Parents are advised to check out the blog and books before allowing their children view the secrets. It is also important to take into consideration each individual child's experiences and ability to handle adult material.