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What is Planking?

Planking is a social craze sweeping through social media platforms, most especially Facebook. It is the physical act of laying rigid on any number of objects with one's hands and feet pointed and the head facing straight down. It has attracted the attention of people of all ages around the world. The trend is creating unspoken competition to post the best pictures by so-called plankers, which can be potentially dangerous.

Concerns for Parents

  • Planking is a potentially very dangerous activity. A man in Australia died after falling seven stories to get a picture of himself planking.1
  • Some pictures of planking may contain inappropriate or mature elements due to things other than the actual activity.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • It is important for parents to talk to children about the risks of activities they see online and in other media sources.
  • Content filters may be the appropriate action for some parents who wish to guard their children against potentially inappropriate material.

To Learn More

View this news clip about the Planking Craze.