Parental Controls for Windows Vista

What are Parental Controls for Windows Vista?

Windows has placed the ability for administrative users to place parental controls on chosen usernames of a specific computer. This will allow a parent to place controls on the users set up for their children.

The control gives the parent the ability to block web pages from being visited. Parents can also set time constraints on the account so at certain times of the day the user will be logged out. There are also controls to block specific programs and games that are not wanted to be used by your children.

These instructions are specifically for Windows users using the Windows Vista operating system.

How to Access Parental Controls for Windows Vista

1. To access Parental Controls, click the Start button and then click on Control Panel. 1

2. When the Control Panel opens click on Set up Parental Controls which is under User Accounts (shown below). If prompted, enter the administrator password or provide confirmation as necessary.


3. Select the account for which you want to set Parental Controls.


4. Click the On button found under Parental Controls.


5. You can now adjust the settings for your child's account. You can control four areas. To limit the websites that your child can visit click Windows Vista Web Filter under Windows Settings.


You can change the settings on blocked web content by clicking Block some websites or content. You can allow your child to visit only the sites you specify by checking the Only allow websites which are on the allow list box. Then click the Edit the Allow and block list link, enter the sites you want your child to be able to visit and click Allow. You can also specify sites you want blocked by entering the site and clicking Block.

You can also choose a web restriction level which will provide a filter for websites your child visits. As you select different filters a description of the filter's restrictions will appear.

6. To set time limits on when your child may use the computer click Time limits under Windows Settings.


The grid of available squares will start out white. To block your child from using his or her account during a certain time select the square associated with that time. During the hours that are blue your child will not be able to log in to his or her account.

7. To control what games your child may play click Games under Windows Settings.


You can block your child from using all games by clicking No under the heading 'Can Child play games?' You can set a maximum rating of game that your child can play by clicking Set game ratings. Select the highest rating that you want your child to be able to play and click OK.

You can block or allow certain games by clicking on the Block or Allow specific games link. The new window will display all games on your computer. You can click Always Allow or Always Block to circumvent the filter by rating.

8. To restrict what programs your child may use click Allow and block specific programs under Windows Settings.


To set restrictions on the programs your child my use select Child can only use the programs I allow. All of the programs on your computer will appear in a box below. Check the box next to the programs that you want to allow your child to use. Leave the boxes unchecked next to the programs you want to block your child from using.