Outpost Antivirus PRO

What is Outpost Antivirus PRO?

Outpost Antivirus PRO is an antivirus software created by Russian security developer Agnitum. It is noted for its ability to protect from subtle security threats such as zero-day attacks and other sneaky versions of malware. Reviewers have given this product a lukewarm reception, saying that it performs pretty well but that there seem to be a lot of irrelevant pop-ups.1

You can try a 30-day free trial of Outpost Antivirus before purchasing the yearly subscription.2

Note that you should not install Outpost Antivirus onto a computer that is already running Outpost Firewall PRO or Outpost Security Suite.

Product Reviews

PC Mag

PC Mag gave Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.0 a "fair" rating (2.5 stars our of 5). They liked the email scans, behavior-based security, private data protection, and how it installed on malware infested systems. They didn't like the web control feature (it missed malicious sites), the malware removal, and all the pop-ups generated from the behavior-based security.

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