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What is Opera?

opera.pngOpera is a web browser designed by the Opera Software community. It runs on Windows, Mac, Solaris, FreeBSD, and various mobile phones. Its symbol is a red O like the one seen above.1

Opera is significantly faster than many of the web browsers out there. Furthermore, it has the ability to be configured for even faster optimization for slower connections. The feature is called Opera Turbo.

Security features include built-in "fraud protection" (i.e. phishing and malware protection), strong encryption (256 bit) when browsing secure websites, the ability to delete private data, cookie control, EV certificates, and a descriptive security bar.


Opera was created first in 1994 as a research project and was released publicly in 1996. It was paid software until 2000. Opera then turned to ad-generated revenue streams until 2005, when it began receiving revenue from Google.

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