Old Spice Guy

Who is the Old Spice Guy?

The Old Spice Guy is an actor named Isaiah Mustafa. He is the star of a series of Old Spice commercials touting the motto "Smell like a man, man." In the five videos from the ad series, the Old Spice Guy walks through various beach locations, shirtless and showing off his unbelievably ripped arms, abs, and chest. He talks about how women prefer men who use Old Spice rather than "ladies' body washes," making a combination of ridiculously arrogant and completely illogical statements about how manly Old Spice makes him, and how anything is possible when you use Old Spice.

These laugh-out-loud-funny commercials have become wildly popular, going viral and spurring on remixes and imitations (notably "Study Like a Scholar, Scholar"). The campaign also launched a groundbreaking invitation for people to ask the Old Spice Guy questions via Twitter and other social networks. The Old Spice Guy answered over 180 of the thousands of questions he received in short video clips.

Concerns for Parents

  • The Old Spice Guy is always shirtless, and most of his videos contain mild sexual innuendo.
  • Some imitation videos contain explicit language or material.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • If these videos make you uncomfortable, make sure that YouTube and other video hosting sites are blocked from your computer.
  • If you want to watch these videos, do so through Old Spice's website or YouTube channel to ensure that you're seeing the original videos rather than someone else's remake.

Where Can I Learn More?

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