Norton AntiVirus for Mac

What is Norton Antivirus for Mac?

This is a product created by Norton to protect Mac computers from viruses and worms. 1 To run Norton Antivirus 11 for Mac your computer must have the Mac OS C version or higher. Your computer must also have a PowerPC or Intel Core processor, 100 MB of available hard disk space, and an internet connection (for updates). 2


Norton Antivirus 11 for Mac has the following features: 3

  • Virus Detection and Removal: Protects against viruses
  • Scans Downloads: Scans downloaded files and e-mail attachments to make sure they are safe for your computer. Makes sure this protection is current by providing fast updates.
  • Threat Protection: Provides protection against any threat attacking your computer's software, as well as internet threats
  • Compatability: Works with the new Mac OS X v10.5
  • Widget: Norton Antivirus dashboard widget
  • Unobtrusive: Doesn't interfere with your daily computer use