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What is Nook?

Nook is Barnes & Noble’s brand of e-reader. Two versions are available, one that connects to the Internet solely using a wireless Internet connection and another that can connect using a 3G or wireless network. The weight of a Nook ranges from 11.6-12.1 ounces, depending on the model. The less expensive model comes in white, while the more expensive one is gray. The power button is located on the back of the nook at the top. Located on the front of the nook on the bottom is a small 'n' button. This will open a small menu including home, library, and search options. Some of the features of Nook include ability to adjust the size of text while reading; E-Ink technology; access to e-books, magazines, and newspapers; games; store up to 1,500 books, magazines, and newspapers and has the ability to expand its capacity by adding a memory card; sample e-books before buying them; and lend your e-books to friends for up to 14 days; and read full available e-books, an hour a day, for free at any Barnes & Noble store.

Concerns for Parents

When connected to Wi-Fi, Nook allows users access to the Internet, outside of downloading books, giving children the opportunity to access inappropriate material.

Most of the books available on the nook which are free contain inappropriate material. Children can easily download and read inappropriate material.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

Keep communication lines open between parents and children, make sure they are aware of the rules and what is appropriate material to read and download.

Be aware of what your child reads and downloads. If parents choose, they can have children ask before purchasing an e-book or game on Nook.

Go through child's nook library with child so parent can track child's downloads.

Where Can I Learn More?

Barnes & Noble cuts the price of Nook to compete with iPad.