NieNie Dialogues

What is NieNie Dialogues?

NieNie Dialogues is a blog written by Stephanie Nielson (the end of her first name and beginning of her last name form the nickname she uses).

Stephenie Nielson is the survivor of a near-fatal plane crash. She and her husband, Christian, crashed in a small private plane on August 16, 2008. The pilot died 24 hours after the accident, and Christian and Stephanie were left in critical condition. Stephanie's recovery was truly miraculous, as she had severe burns on more than 80 percent of her body. She is still recovering, and was left badly disfigured by her injuries. However, she has moved forward and is an optimistic, inspiring mother of four. She began writing NieNie Dialogues during her recovery. It has since become a popular blog, especially among mothers. While it fits into the "mommy blog" category, this one is filled with the purpose and meaning some mommy blogs lack.

Concerns for Parents

  • This blog does not contain any obscene material, however it does deal with the serious side effects from the plane crash and the Nielsons' injuries

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • Review the content to see if you find it appropriate for your children.

Where Can I Learn More?

Read the blog for yourself by clicking here.

Stephanie Nielson was featured in a recent Mormon Messages video entitled "My New Life." Read our article about it or watch the video by clicking here.