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Neatorama was started back in 2005 by one of its authors, Alex Santoso.1 The focus of the website is on hobbies, with each author finding articles relating to whatever topic they choose and writing about it. The topics can be on anything from strange species of sharks to Star Wars themed cupcakes.2 3 The website has no stated stance on what is appropriate and what is not to post, but from the articles presented on the homepage, they appear to avoid anything that could be construed as morally offensive or vulgar. The only mention of any sort of censorship is in the FAQ section of the website.The FAQ states that posts should be interesting, work-safe, and original. The site also has a system for flagging inappropriate material. 4

Concerns for Parents

  • There is no set standard present anywhere on the website itself, leaving it up to the discretion of the authors and those who review them to decide.
  • Some material on the website may be found to be controversial. Parents should visit the website and decide for themselves if it is appropriate or not.

How Can I Help Keep My Child Safe?

  • Talk to you child about what websites they visit and who they talk to. Spend time surfing the Internet with them and ask questions about where they go and what they do.
  • If necessary, block the website from being accessed by an Internet filtering program or you can block it in the Parental Controls section of your web browser.