Morality In Media

The following article was created from information contributed by Bob Peters, president of Morality in Media.

What is Morality in Media, Inc.?

Morality in Media (MIM) was founded in 1962 by an interfaith group of clergy to combat pornography in New York City. MIM now works nationally to curb obscenity and indecency in the marketplace and in the media. Over the decades MIM has participated in (and often played a pivotal role in) many legislative and court victories at the Federal, State and local levels.

Morality in Media also directs a 120+ member coalition advocating for the enforcement of obscenity laws called the War on Illegal Pornography. This is a bi-partisan effort and has seen great success in its efforts. was created by Morality in Media as a resource to help citizens fight back against the proliferation of hardcore “adult” pornography on the Internet.


Why Did Morality in Media Launch

In two national opinion polls conducted by Wirthlin Worldwide in March 2004 and March 2002, more than 80% of adults said they supported “vigorous enforcement” of federal criminal laws that prohibit obscenity on the Internet.

What citizens have lacked is a means online to make complaints to federal prosecutors and investigators about possible violations of Internet obscenity laws. They now have a way through More than 74,000 complaints have been submitted to the website. promotes the idea that obscenity crimes are not “victimless.” The victims include participants in the production of pornography, persons addicted to pornography, the spouses of pornography addicts, youth corrupted by pornography, and victims of sexual harassment, forcible rape, and child sexual abuse. The right to live in a decent society is also endangered.

How to Use allows Internet users (including parents) to make complaints to federal prosecutors and FBI Field Offices about websites that distribute hardcore "adult" pornography. The visitor to clicks the “How to Make A Report” button and then provides the address (URL) of the website that may be violating obscenity laws and any additional information about the site. MIM forwards the information to the Department of Justice in Washington and to the visitor’s U.S Attorney and FBI Field Office. MIM has also retained the services of two retired law enforcement agents to follow up on select complaints.

Resources Offered By

There is helpful information for pornography victims and addicts, for parents, and for those interested in First Amendment issues. There is also help for those who want to fight back against “sexually oriented businesses” and against pornography in mainstream stores, in the US. Mail, and on cable and satellite TV. Visitors can sign up for an email newsletter.

MIM also manages a site called which contains research, opinions, and news about the harms of pornography.

Concerns for Parents

Morality in Media strives to provide warning at the beginning of any articles or submissions that may be mildly graphic in nature. Because of the nature of this effort, there are occasional articles that may not be appropriate for all age groups. All content on the website is informative and accurately displays the harms associated from pornography use.

Other helpful resources for parents to monitor the media are other movie review sites with a family focus.