What is Monster? seeks to bring together potential employers and employees through the Internet. According to the site their mission statement is “To inspire people to improve their lives.” 1 Monster is more of an online classified ad than a professional networking site.


Founded in 1994 under the company Monster Worldwide, Inc., Monster uses a variety of resources to bring people together, including contacts with newspapers throughout the United States to expand and include local communities. Monster is also represented in 50 countries around the world. 2


Some amenities Monster offers its users include Monster Career Mapping, Monster Career Snapshots, and Monster Career Benchmarking. 3 4 5 These tools give users the ability to compare and gain more information about fields they are interested in and explore their options within the job market. Monster also allows employers advertising space on various websites to attract applicants. When users want to apply for a job, they are able to do so online through the website.

Where Can I Learn More?

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