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Mommy Blogs

What are Mommy Blogs?

So-called mommy or mom blogs are blogs written by mothers. Their contents usually center around domestic life, parenting, crafts, cooking, couponing, and related subjects. Many mothers enjoy these sites and find them fun and helpful, both to write and to read. However, these blogs are often mocked for being silly, cheesy, frivolous, and all alike. One example of a mommy blog parody is Seriously, So Blessed!


  • Some moms get carried away and post way too much personal information about their family on their blogs. This can be embarrassing for children as they get older, but more importantly, it can put your family at risk for identity theft and cyberstalking.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • The best way to make a family-centered blog is to make your blog private. Most blog-setup websites, like Blogger and WordPress, give you this option. This means that only people you invite can see your blog. That way, you can feel safe posting personal info and family photos. (just a note private typically only means that it won't show up in search engines however given the url anyone can find it).

Where Can I Learn More?

Here is a directory of blogs written by moms.

Here's a list of what one blogger considers the best 50 mommy blogs.

Read this long but good blog post about personal safety for bloggers.