What is Mobicip?

Mobicip is an Internet web "safe browser" that is downloaded to an iPod Touch to replace the current Safari web browser. Mobicip acts just the same as Safari while providing a clean and safe internet browsing experience. Mobicip's "safe browsing" is based on content filtering technology. This is one of the only filtering devices available for the Safari browser. Mobicip works on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows 7, and Linux. 1 Mobicip can be purchased for iPhone and iPod from the iTunes App Stores for $4.99. Mobicip Premium for all of the devices can be purchased for $9.99 annual subscription.


  • Web-based parental controls, for access from any location.
  • Can create multiple filtering levels for each user and device.
  • Websites are divided into categories that can be blocked.
  • Blacklisting and whitelisting capabilities.
  • Time limitations can be set by parents to limit child's times spent online.
  • Reports - Internet activity and email reports are available for viewing in a PDF, CSV, and plain text format. Reports include those sites that are blocked and reasons for blocking.


  • Mobicip received Parent's Choice, a Children's media and toy review website, 2010 official Parent's Choice Award. The site praises Mobicip for allowing educational content like Wikipedia, and the Dictionary/Thesaurus. They also praise the easy-to-use labels of elementary, middle, and high school levels. They like how easy the program blocks, and how kids are not even aware of what happens. 2
  • Mobicip was also chosen as Babble's top 50 Apps for Moms. 3
  • CNet wrote an article about Mobicip, praising for providing a more than adequate filter for the wide-range of devices. They also commented that Mobicip mirrors to Safari browser almost perfectly, meaning that there is very little learning curve to the product. They also liked how the product can block specific categories such as chatting, shopping, and violence. 4