What is is a site created for children to learn about staying safe from all kinds of dangers from fires to bullies to guns. There is a section on this site devoted to cybersafety.
Resources include:

  • a definition of cyberbullying and how to tell parents if a child is being bullied online.
  • games to reinforce internet safety. The games on the site include one-question quizzes intermixed with matching and unscrambling games. Another part of the game creates an instant messaging scenario to test if your child would answer correctly to a potential threatening contact. When the games are completed successfully, the child can print out a certificate for the accomplishment of their cyber knowledge.
  • information on carefully choosing what you watch.
  • a section on staying safe online. This section also includes an internet safety pledge. This pledge can be printed out and placed by your family's computer.

Two products are offered in connection with the McGruff name: McGruff SafeGuard and the McGruff Browser for Kids.