McGruff Browser for Kids

What is the McGruff Browser for Kids?

Offered by the National Crime Prevention Council, the McGruff Browser for Kids is a free resource parents can use to keep their children safe online. A list of prescreened websites are automatically approved for your child to access including homework help, educational games, and other content. Educational games teaching internet safety are prescreened to be age appropriate. McGruff appears in 3D form to guide your child through the internet and educate them about being safe. (You can also personalize this feature with your own messages.) Using this browser, parents can also block additional websites they want to prevent their children from seeing. The browser is free to download.1


  • Children have access to over 10,318 pre-screened child-appropriate websites.
  • Exclusive "desktop lockdown" which prevents web access from another browser.
  • Parents have access to the tools to easily control a child's activities.
  • Parents can customize each child's access according to their age
  • Kid-safe e-mail ensures no spam - and no emails from strangers
  • Prevent a child from giving out personal information.