Matrimonial websites

What are matrimonial websites?

Similar to dating websites that focus on dating, marriage or matrimonial websites focus on marriage. These websites tend to attract young men and women from India since dating isn't part of their culture, as opposed to the western culture where dating and love is generally accepted as a prerequisite for marriage. Users create a profile and can customize their search for another individuals profile's based on nationality, age, gender, religion, economic standard, job status, height, family background, and photograph. For websites based in India, caste information is available. Since India organized marriage services are worth 10 billion India rupee, matrimonial websites have great business potential.

Parental Concerns

  • You can become a victim of identity theft with the information provided on their matrimonial-website profile. An accused terrorist obtained SIM cards with forged papers created by gathering information on a matrimonial website.1
  • A man in Mumbai married 6 women in 2 and a half years by forging divorce papers. 2
  • An individual using these matrimonial websites can be a victim of Internet Fraud and/or cheating.

How can I keep my child safe?

  • Educate your child about the need to exercise caution in giving out information.
  • Do a background check on potential spouses.

Where can I learn more?

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