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Marcel the Shell

What is Marcel the Shell with Shoes on?

"Marcel the Shell With Shoes On" is a viral video of a soft-spoken shell with pink tennis shoes and one eye talking about his life. The stop motion film was created by Jenny Slate and her fiance Dean Fleishcer-Camp in 2010. Marcel has garnered over 19 million views.  Her spunky, but warmhearted tone is continued with a children's book, sequels, and talk of a TV show.

Concerns for Parents

  • One, short part of the video mentions that shells can be violent if provoked and that Marcel's brother "impaled him [a shell his brother killed in a fight] on the brush." This material may be inappropriate for some audiences, and parents should view material on the internet to screen what their children are watching.
  • Parodies of Marcel, which may not be appropriate, pop up on the screen for viewing suggestions on YouTube.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • Web filters sometimes block video streaming sites. Depending on the children and their age, parents may want to keep this setting.
  • Parents should keep the computer in a public space and keep an eye on what their children are viewing online. Surfing the internet together can be a fun family activity way and provides an opportunity to teach safe internet practices.
  • Quietube is another way for parents to monitor what their child sees online. It plays YouTube videos on a plain white background to guard against potentially inappropriate ads, video previews, and comments.

Where Can I Learn More?

Brian Williams interviews Marcel and gives a history of the shell and the video's cultural impact.