What is a Mac?

mac Mac is an abbreviation for Macintosh, a line of personal computers created by Apple. 1 It also refers to the Mac OS X operating system which runs on all Apple computers. 2

How Macs work with Windows and Microsoft Products

Note: People will often refer to computers that run the Windows operating system as PCs, which stands for Personal Computer.

Microsoft Office products are available for Mac, which means you can run Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on a Mac computer. If there is a Windows only product you would like to run on your Mac computer, Apple offers "Boot Camp" which allows you to run Windows on your computer as if it were a PC. This requires you to restart your computer to switch between operating systems. You can also run Mac and Windows operating systems side by side on a Mac computer by installing a special application.3

Macs, Windows, and Viruses

Many people believe that Macs cannot get viruses. This is not true. Computers running Mac OS X and Windows operating systems are simply vulnerable to different types of viruses. Both operating systems offer security updates and features to help keep users safe from malware. 4

Mac Products

Apple offers several different computers as a part of their Mac product line. Their notebooks (laptops) include the MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook Air Pro. Their desktops include the iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac mini. They also are the manufacturers of the popular iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. 5

Where Can I Learn More?

Podcast #47: Interview with Chris Larsen (Part 2) includes a small discussion of Macs vs Windows toward the end of the podcast.

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Parental Controls on Mac Operating Systems

Mac operating systems (OS) come built in with certain parental controls. These articles can teach you about the features available in each of these Mac OS controls: