Llamas with Hats

What is Llamas with Hats?

Llamas with Hats is a series of viral videos. Between one to two minutes each, the videos are conversations between two llamas, one in a green hat, and one in a red hat with a flower. The llamas never move, but converse through the length of the clips. The llama with the red hat (later revealed to be Paul) is constantly disgusted by the recent actions of Carl, the llama in the green hat.

Concerns for Parents

  • While the title sounds harmless, every episode of Llamas with Hats references violent actions leading to the death of various humans. The descriptions of some of these deaths are disturbing.
  • The first Llamas with Hats has the (cartoon) body of a dead human between the two llamas.
  • Carl has a twisted perception of what is ok and what isn't. Parents may not want their children exposed to this mindset.
  • In the 3rd episode, Carl makes a comment that implies he has pornographic images on his computer.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • It is nearly impossible to block every site that has access to this video. Talk to your children about what is and is not ok to watch online.