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What is Lamebook?

Lamebook is a parody of the popular social networking site Facebook. The site does not allow you to create a profile or network with anyone. Instead it posts funny statuses, pictures, or other material found on Facebook. Users can "like" or "dislike" the posts. Registered users can also post on the Lamebook wall.

All content is sent in by users, who always remain anonymous. Before the content is posted the names and pictures of the real Facebook users. However if users recognize that content is pulled from their Facebook accounts they can email Lamebook and it will be pulled from the site. 1

Concerns for Parents

  • Content posted may contain profanity, sexually suggestive material, or references to other more mature themes
  • Anyone can take a picture of a Facebook status and allow others to make fun of it; the Facebook users do not have to give their consent
  • Even if the posted content is appropriate, you may not approve of what users say in the comments section (these are moderated for for spam, racial slurs, and only some offensive terms)

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • If you do not approve of the content of this site, block it using an content filter

Where Can I Learn More?

Facebook Parody Site Pre-empts a Lawsuit, CNET