Last updated 3 years 11 months ago by BryanWhitney is a website that gives users of social networks a Klout Score. Klout is a play on the word clout which means influence or pull, especially political influence. 1

Klout Score

The Klout Score is a number between 1-100 which is calculated by an unpublished algorithm. Several key indicators that are known to contribute to the website are: number of friends or followers on a social site; number of responses to posts you make; number of re-shares of content that you post; and the number of top networkers who view your content. 2

A high Klout Score is considered by many to be a good indication of social influence. Others claim that since the algorithm favors quantity over quality, the Klout Score is only a good indication of how much spam you post on social networking sites. 3

Klout Perks

Many companies give free trial products to customers or potential customers. Using the Klout Score is a way that ideally gives the right customers the opportunity to try the product. If a customer with a high Klout Score posts about how much they like the product, they are more likely to get a large number of people to hear about the brand. Because of this, most real perks are restricted only to those whose Klout Score is above a certain level. 4

Automatically Created Profiles

Some people may be surprised to find that they already have a profile on, even if they've never been to the site before. has stated that the only information they post in those profiles is information that was released to the public through your social networking sites. For example if you post to your Facebook account with a privacy setting of Public then might copy that information onto their website. This may also include your profile picture. There will never be content on your automatically generated profile unless you post things with Public privacy settings in other websites. [ 5]

Concerns for Parents

  • is not a true social networking site: it doesn't encourage you to find and talk to friends on the site itself, and doesn't provide a way to post anything directly to
  • The automatically created profiles only contain information that is already publicly available. If your child happens to have an automatically created profile, the same information as what is listed there can be found by searching online for your child. Therefore the issue is not necessarily with, but rather with your child's privacy settings on their social networking sites.

Where Can I learn more?

The [ FAQ] page for has some useful answers to questions.
You may also find the about page to be useful.