KlaasKids Foundation

What is the KlaasKids Foundation?

Created by Marc Klaas after the disappearance of his daughter, Polly, the KlaasKids Foundation focuses on keeping children safe in various situations. Some of these situations include at home, bicycling, roller skating, with fire, with guns, on holidays, on the Internet, with water, in a school zone, and during international travel. 1

Eve Nichol, Polly's mother, is not affiliated with KlaasKids Foundation, but is the founder of the Polly Klaas Foundation.

What Internet Safety Resources does KlaasKids Foundation Offer?

The KlaasKids Foundation lists safety tips originally given by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 2
In the Cyber Safety section, resources include:

  • Common chat room acronyms3
  • Marc Klaas's rules for Internet safety4
  • Marc Klaas's tips for what to do if you think your child is talking to an online predator5
  • Marc Klaas's list of warning signs6
  • A list of statistics on sexual exploitation7
  • A link to California's Cyber Safety site8
  • A list of monitoring software9