Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire Background

The Kindle Fire is an Android tablet made by Amazon. It lets users read books, listen to music, watch movies, surf the Internet, and use apps. The Kindle Fire connects to an Amazon account which allows for easy access to purchased content. Amazon Getting Started


Amazon Store

The Kindle must be connected to an Amazon account. Amazon's 1 Click is on by default which makes buying things ridiculously easy. A inattentive adult or a careless child can accidentally buy lots of movies, apps, or books.
Placing a password on the Kindle will prevent others from buying things with your account. Removing you credit card information from your Amazon account will stop everyone from buying things. However, you must have valid credit card information to download free apps and books. Finally, there is a brief window to cancel purchases. If that window is missed, you can contact Amazon support.

Internet Access

The Kindle Fire has a powerful web browser. There is no built in way to filter content.
Locking your Kindle will prevent unauthorized access to your Kindle. See below for instructions. Setting a Wi-Fi password in the restrictions menu will block all Internet access without the password. There are apps for sale that provide web filtering. A wireless network that uses OpenDNS and blocks other DNS connections will also provide filtering for the Kindle.

Protecting Your Kindle

Locking the Kindle

You can lock your Kindle to prevent others from using it.

  • Tap the gear in the top right of the screen to open up the 'Settings' menu.
  • Tap the Security option.
  • Tap the 'On' button next to 'Lock Screen Password'
  • Choose a password and type it into the box.
  • Confirm your password. Then tap Finish.

There is now a password set on your Kindle. When you use the Kindle, you will need to enter the password to unlock the device. If you want to turn the password off, you can do so in the options menu. If you cannot remember your password, the Kindle will offer to reset itself to its factory settings.

Blocking Internet Access

You can block Internet access on the Kindle Fire. While the Internet is blocked, the Fire will be unable to connect to Wi-Fi. This will stop all access to the web browser, Amazon stores, and apps that use the Internet.

  • Tap the gear in the top right of the screen to open up the 'Settings' menu.
  • Tap the Restrictions option.
  • Tap the 'On' button next to 'Enable Restrictions'
  • Choose a password and type it into the box.
  • Confirm your password. Then tap Finish.

This password will be required to connect to Wi-Fi. This is a different password than the screen lock password. Remember to disconnect the Wi-Fi before letting a child use the device. If this password is forgotten, the Kindle will have to be reset to its factory settings.

Blocking App Purchases

You can block some purchases on the Kindle.

  • From the Home screen choose 'Apps'
  • Choose 'Store'
  • Tap the 'menu' button at the bottom of the screen. (It Looks like a box with several lines in it).
  • Tap the settings option.
  • Tap Parental Controls
  • Enable Parental Controls

This will require your Amazon password to purchase any apps. Free apps can still be purchased. From the settings menu you can also disable purchases made from inside apps.