What is KidsWatch

KidsWatch is a parental control software to help protect your children on the internet. After paying the initial installation fee, there is an annual subscription cost. One subscription works for up to three PCs. If you don't renew your subscription, you can still use the time management function, which limits the hours and length of time your child can be online. You can monitor chat in programs such as Yahoo! and AIM. 1

Additional features of the product include emailed reports of computer and program usage, as well as sites visited. Parents will also be informed of chat conversations, which can then be restricted. Limits can also be placed on Internet, computer, program and game playing usage. The program has a filtering component, including blacklists and whitelists. Email notifications are also given when a predator moves into your neighborhood. 2

You can install all or some of the KidsWatch features, depending on which package you buy. Discounts are available on larger packages. 3

Web Filtering Pro

If you are a registered user of KidsWatch Standard, you can upgrade to Web Filtering Pro. This program has additional preset websites blocked and allows you to add your own terms and sites to blacklist. All adult content is blocked.


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