What is Kids-In-Mind? is one of many movie review sites. However, this site does not focus on quality reviews of movies, but instead on parental concerns with movie content. Kids-in-Mind is a database of older and newly released movies that contains a brief synopsis and numerical ratings of content. Each movie is rated on a 1-10 scale for the categories of "Sex and Nudity," "Violence and Gore," and "Profanity." The site then breaks down their ratings by providing brief descriptions of the material that falls under the categories.

This site aims at informing parents of accurate film content and does not contain much written material beyond that purpose. The site also aims to show no moral bias as far as content; the writing is not skewed to identify any material as appropriate or inappropriate. recently announced anĀ iPhone application. 1

Concerns for Parents

  • is an excellent tool for parents to become informed of the content in films. However, the brief explanations of content are often explicit. As a part of the site's effort to remain unbiased, they do not filter the material they explain. Readers often risk exposure to inappropriate material simply by the merit of the site's function.
  • is heavily advertised. There are several pop-ups that appear upon entrance to the site. Also the page is covered with advertisements for things such as casinos, cell-phones, and cars.

How can I protect my child?

  • Parents should be the ones reading, not children. Children are at a high risk for exposure to explicit material in the movie reviews. While the information provided by this website is useful for concerned parents, it is potentially harmful for children.
  • has subscriptions available for a monthly fee that allows for access with no advertisements. If parents have problems with the advertising this is a viable solution.
  • If you are using Google Chrome, another solution to avoid the advertising is to use Adblock, a simple but effective browser extension that automatically blocks many, if not all, of the ads on this and other sites.