What is KidLogger?

KidLogger is a free software that allows parents to closely monitor children's computer activity. The freeware is available for download with additional optional fees for greater security. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Mobile users. KidLogger is designed to closely supervise computer activity in detail. Although the software is made for the supervision of children, it can be used in a work environment. The software does not however, provide any restrictions and does not block any activity.


Kidlogger provides detailed computer usage by: 1

  • recording keystrokes
  • monitoring computer activity
  • monitoring internet activity on multiple internet browsers
  • tracking how much time a user spends on the computer
  • allowing parents to input keywords, and will take a screenshot whenever any of the keywords are typed
  • sending emails with daily monitoring information to personal email

reviews Editors gave KidLogger three out of five stars.

CNET claims that KidLogger does what it says it does, and is a good version of monitoring software for free. However, the product is not very secure, as it could be easily disabled by a child with computer savvy. Also, KidLogger does not block or restrict any activity. It simply monitors and reports. Overall, the product may be suitable for monitoring the usage of younger children, but is too easy to disable for older, more computer knowledgeable children. 2

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