What is Kideos?

Kideos is a video site made especially for children. Kids can find videos based on age group, subject matter or channels like "Elmo," "cats," "babies," or "spider-man." All videos feature kids or material that kids would find interesting or amusing. It's a kind of Youtube that is specifically geared toward children, and their safety as they watch. There are 5 age groups that the videos are split into, from 0 to 10 years old. The videos are pulled from separate outside sources, but are selected by the site's Video Advisory Council to be kid-friendly and clean. They are played within a colorful kid-attractive video screen.

What are the benefits?

When using Kideos, parents can be sure that their kids are watching specially selected videos as opposed to videos from the open forum of the Internet. The videos they watch can even be more selectively chosen for their specific age if the parent so chooses.

What are the risks?

Since the site's motivation and key goal is to provide genuinely engaging and yet completely safe entertainment for kids, Kideos does not hold dangers for children, unless you find that you do not agree with the site's council decisions on what is safe for kids to watch.

Where Can I Learn More?

Common Sense Media gives the video site 4 out of 5 stars and says it is an easy to navigate, safe site where parents can let their kids be entertained by the best clean videos that are available. See the review here.