Justin Bieber

Who is Justin Bieber?

justin.jpgJustin Bieber is a wildly famous young musical artist whose music videos are among the most-watched viral videos to ever hit the Internet.

In July 2010, his music video "Baby" surpassed Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" as the most-watched YouTube video of all time. 1

Justin gained his fame through YouTube as he put homemade videos of his music on the site for his friends and family to watch. These videos that he began posting in 2007 generated a huge fan base as friends and family members spread the word of his talent.

He eventually gained 10,000,000 views this way, which led to his signing with Island Records in 2008 after meeting with Usher. In 2011, Bieber starred in the movie, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, a film that portrayed his story as he went from being a YouTube star to becoming a world-wide musical celebrity. Justin Bieber is a perfect example of how a viral video on the Internet can land a person in a place filled with opportunity 2.

Bieber's Internet popularity has made him the target of many online parodies, pranks, and jokes to the point that he's practically a meme in his own right. Viral videos of Justin Bieber inclue Justin Bieber 800% Slower and Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan.

One fan went as far to create a URL shortener (a service which takes overly long URLs and replaces them with a shorter URL that leads to the same link) called Bieber.ly. However this service was shut down by Bieber's lawyers in January 2011 after a very short career (about 22 hours). 3

Concerns for Parents

  • Young girls have gone to great lengths to be the ultimate Justin Bieber fan. His fans have been known for their crazy, over-the-top behavior. This includes his Twitter following who sent death threats to celebrities supposedly involved with Justin. This happened in May 2010 with Kim Kardashian (who Justin stated was just a friend) and again in January 2011 with Selena Gomez. 4 5
  • In recent years, Bieber has been in legal trouble. In January of 2014, Beiber was arrested and charged with a DUI. 6┬áBieber's speech is also frequenly profane and involved in scandalous activities.7┬áMany worry that he is not a good model for his younger audience.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • While Justin Bieber's original videos are fine, many of the remixes, spinoffs, and imitations created by others contain highly objectionable material. Make sure you're viewing the originals by going to the official Justin Bieber channel to watch the videos.

Where Can I Learn More?

Read this Urlesque article about the mostly 4chan-driven Bieber pranks.