JK Wedding Dance

What is JK Wedding Dance?

The JK Wedding Dance is a viral video posted in 2009 on YouTube by a couple from Minnesota of their wedding. Instead of a more traditional entrance, the wedding party entered the church in a choreographed dance to Chris Brown's "Forever". The video feature the bridesmaids and groomsmen dancing together down the aisle in a silly and fun manner. Towards the end of the video the bride enters the hall, dancing down the aisle.

The video became a huge YouTube hit, and as of May 2011 has over 65,000,000 views.1 Jill and Kevin decided to use their video's fame to help a worthy cause. As of September 2009, they have raised $34,600 for the Sheila Wellstone Institute

Concerns for Parents

  • This video clip doesn't contain any inappropriate material and is mostly harmless. The dancing is silly and clean, and the song contains no curse words. However, parents should always be careful of suggested videos on the site that could be potentially offensive or harmful.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • If needed, look into downloading filters to block YouTube and other video hosting sites.
  • View this and other videos with your children. Be aware of their internet use, and check out any videos for yourself first if you are concerned.
  • Quietube is a great site that can help parents and children use YouTube safely. Quietube allows you to watch YouTube videos on a screen that doesn't show any comments, suggestions, or ads that could be potentially inappropriate.