IPod Touch

What is the Ipod Touch?

ipodimage.jpgThe iPod Touch, designed by Apple, is a movie and music media player with a touch-screen interface. There are currently three sizes in production: 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB. The 16GB model was discontinued. The iPod Touch has a wifi access, allowing it to connect to the iTunes store and download music, not all of which is free. The wifi access also allows the iTouch to connect to the internet wherever it can pick up the signal of a wireless network. For secured wireless networks, a password is still required before the internet can be accessed. 1

Concerns for Parents

The internet access and content downloaded from both the internet and iTunes store has no filter or age restriction. A YouTube app allows for access to YouTube videos on the iPod touch.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • Block Internet access altogether.
  • Download a safe browser or other Internet filter.
  • Set the Parental Controls to limit apps that use the Internet.
  • Talk to your child about responsible Internet usage.

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Here is information on how to set parental controls for iPhone and iPod Touch and how to download and install Mobicip browser.

Access a forum discussion about setting parental controls and important information about which iPod Touch OS you have and how the oldest models of the iPod Touch that haven’t been updated do not contain parental settings.Here However, all new models contain the upgraded parental settings option.