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This page is a stub. It needs expansion on the general uses of an iPad and iPad features.

What is the iPad?

ipadflower.pngThe iPad is a tablet with a touch screen that can be used for internet browsing, gaming, and much more.


What really sets the iPad apart from the competitors is really its extensive app store. Apps don't just mean games like Angry Birds. Apps can do almost everything and for the stuff that there's not an app for, there's probably someone making an app for that. New apps are coming out all the time. There are over 600,000 apps to choose from that do everything from track your money, to watching TV and movies, photography apps, exercise apps, apps for remotely controlling a number of things like TVs and computers and for those who know what they're doing other mechanical things (robots, cameras, other machines), to recipe holders, to medical, educational, and scientific apps. The list goes on.

The iPad is amazing for reading books. And since it can access the Amazon Kindle store, Barnes and Noble Nook store, Google Books, and Apple's own iBooks, it makes it have access to almost anything you'll want to read. Unlike the other tablets which are restricted to usually just their own online book store. The iPad also allows a new way to deliver children's books. Many new book apps are available that combine children's stories (such as Alice in Wonderland and The Lorax) with video, sound, and games 2

The iPad is quickly becoming a device that could potentially replace anyone's computer or laptop. With the ability to connect a wireless keyboard the iPad greatly expands it's convenience. There's many apps one can use for spreadsheets, word processors, creating presentations, doing school projects, etc. For the average person who uses their computer to surf the web and check emails, the iPad could easily be their best companion.