What is imeem?

imeem is a social music network, built to enable people to interact with each other through sharing music and playlists. Users of the site can search for songs through a normal search engine. They are also referred by the site to artists and songs that imeem considers related to the user's interests.


imeem was started by Dalton Caldwell in 2003. The site incorporated embedded playlists starting in 2006, which became popular with MySpace users because of this functionality. In 2007, they "became the first-ever online music site to secure licenses from all 4 major music labels".1

In November 2009, imeem was bought by MySpace for $1 million.2 Because of this, imeem has been shut down and is now incorporated into MySpace.

Concerns for Parents

  • imeem is now associated closely with MySpace and so the MySpace concerns also apply to imeem.
  • In addition to this, if is input as a URL, it is automatically redirected to MySpace.

How Can I Keep My Child Safe?

  • The use of Internet Filters can help to avoid any unwanted or inappropriate material that might pop up.