I Waste So Much Time

About the Site

www.iwastesomuchtime.com is a conglomeration of web entertainment pulled into one website. I Waste So Much Time is created, run and monitored by Jared Wunsch and Hans Johnson. The site is devoted to entertaining middle schoolers, high schoolers and anyone on the web. Other sites by the creators include: http://dearblankpleaseblank.com/, http://attackofthecute.com/ and http://grouchyrabbit.com

The site's application security has been enhanced by n0mc4t. The site was built and hand coded by Wunsch and Johnson. The site is currently in it's beta stage and is in continual improvement.

WARNING: I Waste So Much Time will lead to you wasting so much time.

==About the Creators==
The following bios are courtesy of www.iwastesomuchtime.com.

Jared Wunsch

My name is Jared Wunsch and I am one half of a team that is in the business of developing websites for middle schoolers that would rather chat with their new boyfriends on Facebook than actually go outside and be enveloped with organic vitamin D.

I specialize in running and maintaining linux servers that keep all of you happy. I have learned, and continue learn to develop functions in PHP, Python, C and just about any other open source language. I enjoy talking and collaborating in the tech world, so if you are up for it you can find me on the twitter @cjaredrun.

While most of what I do is, in fact, extremely nerdy, I have interests in studying medicine, psychology and zoology. I’ve been through parts of school in each venue, though never committing to one or the other.

Hans Johnson

In 1984 my father bought our first computer, it was the original Apple Macintosh. I poured apple juice into the floppy-drive, for which he never forgave me.

Much later I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Visual Arts. Since graduation I've started a not-for-profit organization, in which I create high quality work for friends, family, and clients without receiving payment for my hours. This, sadly, has become my life… I make things, sometimes websites, but that's usually only on accident. I also sew, take photos with old cameras, build furniture, restore houses, and build bikes, but mostly I just sleep a lot, because I like to, and I do what I like.

I've been known to be hilarious on both twitter and my blog, when I have time between my many unpaid projects. If you love to stalk people, you can start here. If you're still not satisfied, I can have copies of my personal journal faxed to you. For journal copies, please provide a self addressed stamped envelope stuffed full of $100 bills, the copies will be faxed, and your envelope will be mailed back to you for reuse.

==Note for Parents==
I waste so much time contains humor that you may not find appropriate for all age groups. As with all internet safety programs, communication is the number one tool for handling issues. Good communication should be in place with your children to ensure understanding between what is and is not appropriate to do on the internet. You should also take the time to visit the site to make sure that you are comfortable with your child visiting that site.